Can you write 3 things about your mother?

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A 10th fail Bihar board student though she was a brilliant student but marriage preparations and dispute between Rajput and Brahmin made her to fail her boards, she had bit knowledge of ABC but she learned English through his son's tution teacher and made her Three children the most educated one in the family.

District level volleyball champion she wanted to play state level too but the match was held in Ranchi and giving permission to a girl from typical Brahmin girl in 90’s was impossible.

ConStroRt it means confident, smart and strong. Mummy used to tell us that when she came to Abba's house, she encountered LPG gas stove for the first time and was unaware of it's working and she was feeling shy to ask and instead of asking anyone she went into the kitchen and watched Dadi using stove once and learned it's usage.

Well these three points aren't sufficient to describe Abba's Hema, the way she managed us when we had nothing except our house and we had traveled 600 km only with 100 rupees, the way she had raised us I'm thankful to her.

Can you write 3 things about your mother?-第1张图片

PC: Pic from her recent birthday, Love you Mummy ❤️🌼

PS: My mom is damn happy to cross 90 upvotes the reason she got more upvotes on her pic than my Abba

Thank you 😍


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