How can you improve yourself regularly?

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How can you improve yourself regularly?-第1张图片

1. Fix your schedule and sleep at 9:00 PM to be awake at 4:00 AM.

2. Quit your excuses and work out for 30 minutes daily.

3. Include 2 eggs plus fresh fruits to optimize your health.

4. Prioritize 2 cold showers a day with no excuses. I promise your self-discipline will be boosted.

5. Listen more than you talk and be teachable.

6. Learn to say "NO" unapologetically and get busy minding your own business.

7. Attempt and read 50+ pages to sharpen your mind.

8. Learn a new skill every 3 months and spend another go-off days developing it.

9. Set on a morning walk after having 2 glasses of water immediately after sleep.

10. Sleep a quarter of your day to reset your focus and boost your mood.

11. Put your phone away or uninstall your social network to save yourself from Aimanipulation.

12. Avoid s*x or m_sturbation, especially at the initial stages of your personal growth.

13. Please for no one else, do something for yourself for 6 months.

14. Go for 1000 hours without watching the news or talking politics and use the time to rest.

15. Make more money, and invest wisely to buy yourself anything without looking at the price.

16. Prioritize 4 hours of deep work a day over 8 hours of busyness and make time to improve yourself.

17. Make time for your close friends and family during your weekend.

18.focus in your work, don't give time unusual things.

~Tarun sai

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