What is a learning management system (LMS)? What are its components, features, and benefits?

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Hi Dear Writer,

I ma Madiha Shah and I am create online LMS websites.

So in my point of view people needs a LMS websites because its the easiest way to communicate with student under on roof.. Tutor or Teachers can distribute there course material in one place at a time with all students can get students reviews at on time and can provide them material equally.

The components, Features and benefits of LMS is that if due to any pandemic situation in country students will always be able to continue there studies from home can connect with teachers from home and teachers can conduct classes from home with whole class at one time.

LMS provide you courses material , Lessons, quizzes exams material teachers can conduct exams as well. and teachers can provide result to individual student on students dashboards and students can get there certifications after completions of courses topic or lesson what ever they select. Teachers can provide chat room to all students at ones.

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