Why is time management important?

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The most elastic element in the world is time: it increases by minutes when we are waiting and decreases by hours when we are enjoying!

You won’t even realize that you’ve spent hours in a Club enjoying yourself. However, you would surely realize you’ve just spent a minute in a monotonous theory lecture. This is the human tendency and it becomes very important to signify that we should value time and use it effectively. Well, the art of Time Management can be conquered only if you can prioritize your targets effectively. According to me, Time Prioritization is more important than Time Management; or to put it in a different way, Time Prioritization will ultimately lead to Time Management.

When I used to travel to my office from Andheri to Mahim, I used to listen to the daily morning “All you need to know” podcasts of Bloomberg Quint. While returning back to my hostel, I used to watch revision lectures as I had my CA Finals exam in the same year. The point being, do not waste even a single minute of your life. Do something that is going to let you meet your ultimate goal i.e do something productive!

Quoting an example of a boy named Sparsh Shah: he is only 16 but a world famous singer. When he was born, 40 bones of his body were broken. Until now, he has suffered from 140 fractures in his body. If you give him a hard handshake, his hands might break off; it’s that fragile. But he did not give up at all and pursued a career in Singing. On his way to India for Kaun Banega Crorepati Inaugaural Ceremony where he was invited to sing, he learnt the main words of Hindi Language during those 16 hours of flight from New Jersey to India, so that he could answer a question if Mr. Bachchan asks something to him in Hindi. And you know what, Mr. Bachchan, without knowing the fact that he didn’t know Hindi, asked him a question in Hindi and Sparsh could properly reply.

Having this kind of attitude cannot stop you from achieving whatever you want in your life. Therefore, stop wasting your time & start investing your time!

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