How effective is Khan Academy for self-learning maths?

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It’s alright the main benefit is the practise questions and the fact it’s giving you the whole curriculum free of charge that no teacher would ever dream of doing lol, you have to do your own research just like with anything though really… because it just depends what works for us individually.

Sooo looking around at different sources helps us figure that out and what we can do to tweak it all to help us 100% understand each concept we learn, you won’t be able to if you constantly only listen to what your teachers tell you because what works for them won’t exactly for you.

Mathematics is like the best concept to help you understand yourself too, for me i’m a very write my own notes to be able to retain it sort of person pretty standard… except there’s enough differences in how i do things that the standard one size fits out doesn’t work on me whatsoever, and i can’t learn without some sort of color coding. I’m very meticulous about things too i HAVE to cover all my bases and learn everything otherwise i know it’s not enough lol sooo researching my own instructions and watching how other people do things in videos really helps.

Everyone has to find their own way even in schools as long as it’s still understandable and you’re doing it right, and it’s no difference with Khan Academy if not… the videos are really old and missing so many things you need to know, but it’s still been really helpful to follow the curriculum in order and use the practise questions to solidify things. It’s free sooo… if it does what you need it to still then no problem there :)

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