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Once couple of guests arrived at our home. My dad welcomed them and started talking. I was watching TV.

After few minutes,

Dad: Gurmeet, come here.

Me: Yes dad.

Dad: Your mom is not home. Can you make some tea for your uncle?

Me: Yes, sure.

I went to kitchen and started making tea. This was the first time I was making tea for my dad. I did my best and offered them tea.

After taking a sip,

My uncle: Wow, Gurmeet! It is awesome. You are really good at making tea.

My dad also praised me. I was feeling happy and proud, but I was not aware what is going to happen in future.

After this, it has become usual for me to make tea at home. My dad never missed any chance to give me this opportunity.

Soon, he made me popular in family functions. Whenever there any kind of family function or programs in neighborhood, the common question is:

They: Who will make tea for guests?

My dad: Gurmeet is best for this job.

I ...

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