How can you improve your communication skills?

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The first time I was on the stage to speak my hand was shaking but these hacks helped me to improve my communication skills within 15 days.

Everyone saying if you want to improve your communication skills then practice practice and practice but I have something for you.

Nonverbal communication: Your face and body speak fast before words.

So your body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice are very important during communication.

You can do simple things during communication and make sure your nonverbal signals align with your verbal message.

Nervousness, fear, and hesitation are common problems during speaking, and for a second think Why?

Because you take things at your self-respect and what do we get from this- a negative feeling hits your mind and this is where things start to get messy.

So make a distance between yourself and so-called your respect. To move ahead you have to put respect aside.

Your body language also helps during communication:

When your body is straight and you start making eye contact you get more comfortable, and result you start speaking words more fluently you feel like the stage and audience is your friend.

So always during communication focus on your body language.

Public speaking is the best way to improve your communication skills:

I writing this post at night and tomorrow morning I am going to present my ideas on Global warming in front of 70 in my class.

Yes, I am scared but also excited you know why because I create a boundary for myself and my self-respect If something going to help me in my growth I always aside my self-respect.

Speak slowly:

If you notice this thing while speaking in front of people or communicating with your boss your words start coming so fast.

This is because of fear and it is okay with time it will get better but during speaking always keep an eye on your words and speed. When you speak slowly at a normal speed your communication gets better and people like it too.

Be Clear, not Clever:

Most people during conversation in order to show themselves smart, lose self-respect in the eyes of people. People love clear paragraph sentences also people are not clever. When you talk like a clever you actually digging a grave for yourself.

Clarity comes when you have knowledge and the right information about what you are talking about.

Practice empathy:

You never going to sound smart or a good person if you are not able to understand other people’s perspectives feelings, desires, and wants.

If any person talking it means he wants something from you or you want something so always during communication understand people’s feelings, and show empathy by acknowledging their emotions this will ruin your entire conversation if you judge people quickly and be open-minded.

PS:) Before this post you know about nonverbal communication?

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