What is the most important lesson in life?

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After traveling for 12 hours, we finally reached Banaras; quickly booked a room, took a refreshing bath, and stepped out to explore the chaotic yet magnetic city

Being completely unaware of where to start and there comes the chance to interact with locals

we got to know that most of the tourist attractions were within walking distance from the property where we were staying

We decided to head to the nearest ghat – Dasaswamedh Ghat

As we walked, we observed a diverse crowd, including foreigners, people in wheelchairs, and people from different parts of India returning from the direction we were heading

When the ghat came into sight, a cold breeze welcomed me. It felt as though I had been longing for this moment all my life. I wanted to run and scream

I noticed that people were leaving, and realized we had missed the Aarti. It was disappointing but on the bright side, the reduced crowd allowed us to soak in the divinity of the place without any chaos

While we were taking some pictures, a girl came running towards us and extended her hand to apply tika; I leaned back

Me - “Paisa nahi laaye hai beta, kal aakar lagwate hai”( Haven't got the money in cash dear, will be back tomorrow morning and get it )

"Koi baat nahi bhaiya, free me laga dungi" (No problem, brother, I'll apply it for free)

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She is Roshini and I was shocked at her selflessness.

We've all encountered individuals in orange clothes at temples who forcibly apply a tika and tie a kalawa, only to ask for money afterward

Roshini, on the other hand applied the tika beautifully with genuine affection, without any expectations

Her kind act moved us so much that we decided to make an online payment at a nearby shop and get some cash, which we then offered to her

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