How can you identify intelligent people?

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“Don't look back” shout while standing at the back of a hall filled with people.

The people who don't look back are intelligent.

Start a fake quarrel with your friend in a crowded place.

The people who don't give a kcuf are intelligent.

Get to a place where there's a traffic jam.

The people who are calm and not honking continuously are intelligent.

Go to a shopping mall.

The people who are smiling at the staff are intelligent.

Lie about your sexuality in your friend circle and mention it as the one which is taboo.

The people who are absolutely okay with it are intelligent.

Randomly point somewhere at nothing and loudly ask your friends to look, while you are in a park.

The people who don't bother to what is happening around are intelligent.

Visit a garden famous for couples.

The people who are not staring at kissing couples are intelligent.

Visit a bank on a busy day.

The people waiting patiently for their turn, without hustle, are intelligent.

Visit a hospital.

The people who are helping the unknowns, selflessly, are intelligent.

And, this goes on.

Intelligence isn't just about IQ.

It's the way of living your life.

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