How do we stay motivated all the time?

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Correction :

How can a person stay consistent ?

Why I corrected that ? It's impossible to stay motivated all the time .

Life is full of ups and downs so no one can expect themselves to stay motivated all the time !

Someone has well said :

We don't need motivation to take actions, we need to take actions for motivation.

Based on my experience,

You may not agree this, but most of the people are not changing because of their laziness, procrastination and the biggest problem is phone addiction.

The less the screen time is, the more you have energy to work towards your goal.

Maybe I can give you some tips to don't feel lazy at all as demotivation and laziness are cousins

You can eat healthy food and do exercise but no one can motivate you to do this now.

So the results:

You're the one who can make you work , take actions because even if the best motivator try to motivate you and YOU don't want to do this , no one can make you do this because it's you not anyone else.

You HAVE to convince yourself to stay consistent.

You can try setting small goals for 1–2 days.

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