What are things that girls wish guys knew about them?

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01. An average woman wants to be teased, cared for and pampared. Even if she's horny she still want her man to ask her for sex, this makes her feel like a woman.

02. Know that her tears is a way of communication, don't ignore it. Each drop of tear is a message. If you ignore her tears, they wil metamorphose into bitterness, anger and nagging.

03. Did you find her behaving like a child? Yes, she is your first child. Even her godmother played childishness at the Garden of Eden. She played with the enemy and traded their estate to the devil. You will have peace if you her as your first child.

04. Her frequent sickness is not her fault, it is the nature of her body. You must learn to live with this truth. Infact she wants you to pity her and give her special care when she’s sick. Stop getting angry whenever she complain to you about one pain or the other, sometimes the pain may not be much as she presents it but she loves to act that drama to get your attention. Her need for attention is really a function of nature and not because she wants to disturb you.

05. She wants a man who will listen to all her jagons and stories. Somd of this stories may not be interesting but if you don't listen, another man wil listen and steal her heart away. An average woman wil willingly give her heart to a man who listen to her. Even if you don't have solution to her stories, share her pain and fear.

06. Tell her you love her. Say good things about her. Even if its flattering she doesn't mind. Talk about her dress, complement her hairstyle, appreciate her shape and shout about her sence of humor….Those sweet words bring out the best out of her.

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