Why do I have such a hard time writing and phrasing in English? What are some suggestions for improving my skills?

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Yueyao Cheng, there sum thing imported to understand about engl lang in state. Entire govern in deficit over all in treasury, fiat currency and paper money, and young state, people from few place, many lang, people feign english homphonics, and really see sign and decide based on latin and greek fragment. There no writing nor phrasing, but whose agency who you work for and employ, where you go if transport part of it, and who you see in what city. Train more econom, you paid to travel and see people on business, more so bus may be or fly. Though really air plane will collapse in petrol economy longer term. Most state modern call and whose people, gene, histor, and lang like few thousand year old, they all train etc. they train between major city, try to connect rural area, and for who all land like few thousand year in their people govern. As such, if you don’t fix your city, state, and govern and remain at english pidgin, online internet and pidgin your best bet, to at least remain in latin writing and reading, as well as if people want to record audio and/or video. But you cannot really sell it, as you should know in general take from google and people see it as outsider and/or public and non own and/or work there, as in share or bond of google in state corporate. Google cannot in that sense, sell you info about other people and business intern, only what they publish, and then what people want to write out as if usable. It no public at all, but in fact just lot of people private try to share info, and keep fallacy and/or illusion that english every where, not really to hungarian whose computer, artificial language, internet etc. Same for other lang, you can artificial translate as much as you want with or with out their people, gene, and family live near you in agency, like fellow citizen etc. Google won’t restrict it but may monitor, filter, feed back, correct, and/or revise it for over all frequent use in few ten million people in state at least, in work and/or study capacity per day. You'll see that china and russia, and probable also middle east, they don’t join your internet and false .com commerce any where with out fixed port city, trade language like english pidgin, and people involved as in business license between state, to their zoned and trade port city for that purpose. Like ship between cargo ship container and haul large amount of staple, food, but more so they rather than state. State people didn’t in general originate any staple crop here, very few in grocer level. So when you want to talk to people in house hold, educate to high school, family, small business, grocer, retail, family restaurant within local commune and able to drive car or take bus there easy. Same sense. That make sense for collapse sense of info shared any where, to where you in fact live, walk, and/or see people, and business license and public place, road, park, tree and bush and few wild life in like domesticated area of city, make people sense in citizen taxable family governed. As such, if you try to learn on quora, it will collapse in all, to very written and may be few audio video attempt for people to go online and contact, when no business or state agency. But if people still, who try to cling on, it more so no real name as you can see, coherent and spelled english pseudo word and language, but really no people and socio, and thus never family name in english and/or any callable state agency of hired socio civil servant and/or people who constituent and/or beneficiary etc. Thus, your call of English here to latin, greek but silent and cryptic, and most of euro state in their current and present affair, they just say you quack, and you only state. If you cannot affirm you state family and citizen, at least say you state people, and what you try to communicate, sum form of latin and greek, mixed in with other stuff, predominate euro ethna lang and place name, as well as culture referent. It won’t matter if you ship and sailor with limited merchant before, no navy, army, nor govern in other people land in united ile, you don’t possess that agency to call any but port trade city, in modern sense of working socio civil engl lang, made up most of people who labor it in fiat, and also uphold its work if you want to see who will sail from port to port. That why internet smart enough invent for other wise, semi prison, new state, to cultivate and/or develop land, people, govern, and really isolated from like asia of course, it even isolated from europe, etc. You feel enough contact to decrease fact, you in fact live like few to ten thousand kilometer away from people, who your entire language based on in euro, and few in trade port city in alien state.

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