Which AI course is better?

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Artificial Intelligence has gained the spotlight recently, as everyone is optimistic about AI and its growth potential. The rise of Conversational AI has triggered most of its growth in recent years, especially Chat GPT. Also, the growth of Generative AI and Applied AI, indicates that Artificial Intelligence has a large untapped potential.

By seeing these significant changes in the AI industry, many have started to pursue AI by thinking they can make a potential career out of it.

If you search for an AI course on Google, you will receive many options, but you can’t trust everything as well. To make your research process easy, let me suggest a few courses that might help you to learn AI in more comprehensive ways.

Caltech Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning by Simplilearn

Executive Post Graduate Program in Machine Learning and AI by Upgrad

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Course by Edureka

You can consider these courses to pursue your Artificial intelligence learning, if you are a beginner it would be better to start with courses on Coursera and later pursue the aforementioned courses.

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