What are some tips for writing articles?

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I assume when you say articles you are talking about content that gets published online or a blog content that caters to a said niche based audience.

Here's an answer I wrote on Quora for a similar fashioned question:

1. Where do I start?

Think what you want to blog about! Ideate on your blog subject. Choose a theme. Understand the fact that you need to create content. Be creative with your words and ideas. see what you can do to chalk out a plan on how do you initiate with the blogging game

2. What platform do I resort to?

Internet offers N number of blogging platforms, but I personally recommend one to use WP - Wordpress. Apart from these there's blogger, tumblr, squarespace, medium, quora and many more to add on.

3. How do I pick a niche?

If you are the kind who is "Jack of all trades and master of none" - then keep your blog subject broad - Many content oriented websites have a large category base and topics to write on. Choose wisely the kind of subject you think you fit in and have enough information, knowledge and most importantly INTEREST to write on. If you yourself are bored to write a blog - imagine how boring it would be for others to read it. Once you pick your niche - Ideate on blog topics to write on!

4. What do I write about?

Blogging is more than just writing about something. You can write about N Number of things and the N equals to infinity. Now, for instance, you own a travel blog - then these are a few brainstormers to keep you up at blogging!

1. Travel Stories

2. Travel Tips and Tricks

3. Inspirations

4. Travel Movies - Reviews

5. Travel Books

6. Travel Merchandises

7. Travel Guide

8. Travel Log

9. Travel and Tourism Destinations

10. Location specific travel

11. Information of Transportation - Flight Deals, Hotel Accomodation, Trains, Buses, etc.

12. Incorporate Food or Fashion with Travel

13. Incorporate a place to your story to make it look like a travel story. Be creative! Make a fiction look real!

I hope this answer helps!Happy blogging to you :)

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