How did your writing change someone’s life?

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A year ago,

I met an Italian girl who was rescued from a brothel. The incidents which she explained to me shooked my inner core. I never thought such things ever happening.

I made my mind that I would help people who were suffering these hell. Back then, my girlfriend used to run an anonymous NGO. It was an opportunity for me to open my hands.

I had some backs to move forward. I actively got indulged in NGO and there was an expected success.

My vision was not just to free people. In society, victims are seen as a broken human who doesn't hold any value.

I wanted to break this myth.

Education and skills are the only plans to escape from a hell. I had a plan to build schools and colleges for victims who were deprived from society and opportunities.

But things don't go always according to your plan.

High profile bars and brothels are mostly managed by politicians and mafias.In multiple clashes with them, I had to knee down and ultimately had to leave everything.

My past created a voice within me. It was painful ending. I lost people, money and everything in it.

Helping people was like a dopamine to me. It always kept me sane. I forget about my wounds and pain when I offer my hands to others.

Not only victims have pain. Normal people too have many problems and pain. Sometimes, they just don't know how to face them.

About 4 months ago, I started about daily problems and how to face it, on Quora. I most wrote about self development and love talks.

I wanted people to believe in a hope. I tried to spark a ray of light within people that life can be beautiful again.

I don't know if my writing changed someone or not but it affected many.

I was told,

“My words give comfort. Whenever I'm panicked, lost and crying, I just look for you words.”

Till date, I have met many victims on Quora. It's more than enough for me that they are atleast opening themselves to me.

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