What skills and knowledge are necessary or really useful to have in life?

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“I want a divorce”, he said

“Okay, we will put you under some counselling sessions and see if that works out. Is it because of your wife?”, the officer interrogated

“No she is good, i don't want any counselling sessions, it's sorted”, he retorted

“Is there some issue with your husband”, the officer asked his wife

“No, he's a nice man”, she avowed

“Then what's the problem” officer asked them

“She is very arrogant and egotistical, i want a divorce that's all”, he adamantly returned

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That's how a couple after 9 years of relationship and 3 years of marriage put an end to it all.

Now the question,

Loving someone is easy but committing to someone is a skill, which very few people posses. Love is all roses but staying with a person in their highs and lows and actually making efforts to understand the person isn't easy.

Taking the example of the case mentioned, a relationship lasted more than marriage which means compatibility isn't an issue but adjusting and compromising is.

Everyone wants a relationship but no one is ready for commitments. A partner becomes too much when a chaotic phase extends for too long, a burden in life.

This chaos isn't surface level when a couple works or studies individually but it's realised when both live under a same roof.

A necessary skill to have in life is knowing your responsibility as someone's partner. Practice resolving little fights and accepting mistakes, no one is perfect. Forget about “why should i be the only one to think like that”. If you become one such person, they'll learn it from you.

Develop the skill of empathizing with people and develop a mutual trust between you and your loved ones. Life is a rough thing but when little spaces are developed, it become a cozy space to smile in days of chaos.

Invest in your good character :)


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