What's the one thing about life everyone should know?

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My ex-boss passed away a month ago. She was a seventy two year old dynamic beautiful lady who loved to work till her death.

I got an opportunity to work with her during my first job and she mentored me till I was with the company.

Everyday she used to come to office. She was very passionate about her work in her sixties.

She was damn rich. Her husband was no more. Her son lives in USA. She used to live with her cook and maid.

She used to look something like this.

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I always had a question in my mind “Why is she working in her sixties ? She has everything in her life.”

One day I asked her.

She replied “You know Barun, everyone wants to get retired early so they can enjoy their lives. But they don’t know how difficult life becomes when you have nothing to do. It doesn’t matter how rich you are. ”

I got a great lesson of my life.

I come across a lot of videos on YouTube where people teach other people how to get retired in forties and thirties etc. But for what?

Ask a retired person how he/she feels?

Work is something which keeps you busy and let you forget the other negative things. So, keep working.

It’s the journey we must enjoy !

Credit: Barun Mohanty

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