What is the secret to insane productivity?

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The most productive people that I know are not so because they follow a perfect morning routine, work smart as opposed to hard, or because they have every single stupid optimization tool or supplement on the market.

Yes — some people I know utilize productivity tools, supplements, the power of routine, or smart work — but there’s so much more to being productive than that.

Or should I say, there’s so much LESS to insane productivity than that.

The real secret to insane productivity and insane output is simply working more than other people.

In other words, there’s no secret.

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Productivity is not based on routine except for the fact that you need to sit down and work every single day on your craft.

Productivity is not based on working smart instead of hard except if you are already sitting down and working insanely hard every day.

Productivity is not about supplements or gadgets — unless you are already working insanely hard every day.

Most of the “secrets” that people look for are just distractions from the inevitable requirement for more work.

Want to be great at what you do?

Want to produce more great work?

Want to produce higher quality work?

Same. I get it.

The easiest way to do this is to do more. Get uncomfortable. Push your limits.

Don’t waste your most valuable resource (time) worrying about the best way to optimize your work life.

Work insanely hard until you have the luxury of “focusing on working smart”.

You could probably write this off as toxic hustle porn, but the question wasn’t “How do I have the best work-life balance”, it was “What is the secret to insane productivity?”

The secret is to get work.

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