How do you stay calm in a thunderstorm at night?

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Please, someone answer this question! Thunderstorms have been the bane of my life….I have a grade A, super intense, over whelming phobia of Thunderstorms…the only reason I can now function during a storm is because with stiff upper lip (ha!) and gritted teeth, I try to soothe my poor beastie….who is more scared than me, more vulnerable and needs me to be a rock for him to cling to while the thunder crackling overhead threatens him into a barking frenzy breakdown…it breaks my heart thinking of all the poor dogs out there so frightened by storms, some break out their confines, running from the thunder, sometimes for miles and miles …but their owners just don’t give a tinkers , may they rot in hell…and are sheep terrorised by storms…all huddling together, in a lonely paddock, going a little bit mad with terror?… it doesn’t bear thinking about and I try to stop my mind from thinking any further about the horrors and vagaries of heartless Mother Nature…But please, don’t tell me how much you love storms, the power and the glory, the awe inspiring majesty, heard it all before and why tell me that when I’ve just said how terrified I and beastie become?….it does not inspire me to “bravery”, so I too can be awe struck, if not actually lightning struck..well, my beastie, now in his Thunder Jacket, does eventually quieten down, still all a-tremble, my fith limb, poor darling, but it stops me losing the plot completely and I care more about him than anything God throws at me, not being blasphemous. In other words, love does conquer fear…well, maybe not conquer, more like dissolves fear, it just sort of evaporates.

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