What are some things a woman should know about men?

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The guy who likes you when you don't look the best, will keep liking you when makeup stops working on your face.

When a guy looks at your breasts while talking, he isn't staring at them, he is just a little shy so his eyes are down.

The guy who can't take a no for sex, or foreplay, or kiss or anything related, doesn't see you with him in the bigger picture of life.

When a guy talks to you with respect or shows care, it doesn't mean that he is frustrated or is trying to woo you, that may be his nature.

When a true lover asks you for nude photographs, you must straightaway know that only their lust for you is true.

However rich a man you get, you can never earn that high self-respect which you get by being independent.

A cool dude, who appears to be that by his styling or looks maybe much old fashioned than a traditional looking guy, and vice versa.

A boy who cries isn't weak, he may be stronger than other guys.

Never judge a guy through his promises, judge him the day he stands by them (same goes for a girl)

A guy who looks average, may turn out to be an excellent friend or life partner, and make your life a cakewalk, spend some time before you judge.

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