Are all the things you write about being spanked true? I thought Western families have no such things as these.

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For some parents in the USA, they seem to enjoy punishing their kids by spanking them. In fact, it might be a tradition in the USA for many decades and many parents. I suppose I was lucky as my parents did not believe in this one bit. When I was a kid, I was known as a little hell raiser. I remember once my Mom grounded me for 3 days yet this did not work very well for her. I have no idea why anyone would want to administer corporal punishment to a little kid? I think some people should not be parents if they result to this. Perhaps I was lucky. My parents never even got upset about the pets I had. I got pretty good at feeding them teaching them stupid tricks and cleaning up there messes. There should be laws against parents who mistreat their children and even spanking I consider mistreatment. I have a Son who was raised the same as I was. He turned into a great guy with much to offer others on many levels.

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