Who has the shortest biography ever written?

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One possible answer to the question "Who has the shortest biography ever written?" is:

The shortest biography ever written belongs to a woman named Sarah, who posted her life story on her blog in 2014. It reads: "Feb 16th, I am going to be married to my best friend (the same guy). Since last writing my bio, I’ve made a couple of changes. Let’s keep it short and sweet." This biography is only 21 words long and covers the most important events in her life.

Another possible answer is:

The shortest biography ever written is actually a fictional one, created by the author Jorge Luis Borges in his book A Universal History of Infamy. It reads: "Heraclitus, son of Bloson or of Herakon, was born in Ephesus. He wrote a single book and deposited it at the great temple of Artemis. He was called 'the Obscure' and 'the Weeping Philosopher.' He died in 475 BC." This biography is only 28 words long and summarizes the life of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

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