How can I improve my writing skills for the IAS Mains exam?

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Begin wirh writing your thoughts on any subject everyday within 400 words .

Say Monday to Friday

Next week scale upto 600 words

Week after to 800 words .

Some of the topics could be Indian Constitution freedom of speech judicial review reservation mnerega and its impact on society one nation one election women empowerment and so on .

Having spent three weeks writing your thoughts pick up PYQs from 2013

For each year say 2013 pick up two topics from each GS paper and start writing answers.

Usually 150 to 200 words .

Monday two answers from GS 1 . Next day from GS 2 and son on for every year till 2023.

Set your own pace . But get your answers reviewed by a guide to help you along .

Within 2 months you will learn how to write essays and answer Mains answers .

Best wishes .

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