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I am a white male and I grew up in the bay area and in the middle of the race issue i march in the dermistration for equal rights at that time. Equal means equal rights for everyone you me are garinteed equal protection under the law. My founding fathers made it that way because of the king thought we were criminals and taxpayers. My forefathers were forced to move to the wilderness as bond slave.

Respect is earned not demanded and everyone needs respect for their own destiny whatever that may be.

Respect is earned by pulling up your boot straps it is a universal thing everyone has to do for themselves for respect for themselves

Japanese and Irish and Italian and you they all made a name for themselves and got themselves up to respect because they EARNED IT.

You are forcing me as a taxpayer to be a slave of my own http://making.as a taxpayer I made it through hard work and determination.

Equal rights to do the same!

Black's have been reluctant to equalize themselves with living off the system and that splits the famley one mother and one father is not a family and they have children involved.

As a result the street corner drugstore raise the children and learn life that way. Tuff breads Tuff and Disrespectful and try to rub my nose in Disrespect. 60%of the prisoners are black they are proud to be in a gangs because of their enslavement in the easy way.

Personally I pray that the black children will have a mother and a father that have and family that teaches respect and how to obtain it .

Personally I think the money is a bad idea because it teaches people for the handout money for nothing and the tricks are free you don't need it if you have a addres.

The day of the free bee is over in the near future. Social security will not be there for anyone shortly. Free money for you are making me a taxpayers slave to your party.

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