I've been writing stream of consciousness novel. But recently I've encountered major writer's block. How do I get over it?

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I write stories. Writing emotions consumes both the heart and brain, and I get tired within no time. My breaks from writing lasts for a few days. While I do not write, I read. Reading does not let me disconnect with the Author within me. Practice makes a man perfect. I say reading makes the writer confident. Reading improves your vocabulary and introduces you to other styles of writing.

Another writer's block would be deviation or responsibilities. Professional and personal responsibilities, social media, watching movies, interacting with people, music, time with nature, and etc are always part of life. Managing all these along with a passion for literature is a challenge, and there lies the thrill! Just ensure that over addiction to social media, you don't waste time. A tip I would suggest is that as you start on social media, you could set up a timer of a few minutes that would alert you to stop scrolling on the phone.

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