What brought tears to your eyes?

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I have been a hosteler since 6th aug, 2015. And I have never been very homesick.

This year I got into IISER Kolkata.

I came to the college for admission with my father on 16th aug, 2023. After the document verification and hostel allotment, my father went to a nearby hotel. He had his flight back home the next afternoon.

The next day i.e. on 17th aug morning, I went to the hotel to meet him. We sat together and had a short conversation. I helped him pack his bag. Then we checked out of the hotel. We went to a nearby restaurant and had our breakfast.

Now it was the time to say bye. I said “bye” and “happy journey” to him and kept staring at him going towards the bus but suddenly he came back and hugged me tightly🫂 and said “take care my son”.

He is a very tough man who never gets very emotional but this time he was little emotional, I could sense it. As the bus was going away, I was losing my ability to control my tears. I became so emotional, not because I have to live away from family, it was a unique sadness which I can never express in words.

What brought tears to your eyes?-第1张图片

(Me with baba in Belur Math, Kolkata)

I love you baba ❤️🫂

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