How can I, as a female writer, write realistically from a male point of view?

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As a female writer, writing from a male point of view is a challenge I've encountered in my writing journey. To do this realistically, I've found that empathy and research are key. I start by understanding the character's background, experiences, and motivations. It's crucial to avoid stereotypes and remember that individuals, regardless of gender, have diverse perspectives.

I immerse myself in male voices by reading literature written by men, engaging in conversations with male friends and acquaintances, and observing their behaviors and reactions. This helps in capturing nuances that make the character authentic.

Feedback from male beta readers or editors is invaluable. They can provide insights into what rings true and what feels off.

Writing from a male perspective is about transcending gender and focusing on the human experience. It's a skill that improves with practice and continuous learning. By embracing empathy, research, and feedback, I've been able to write male characters convincingly in my stories.

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