How do I write blog posts faster?

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The Quickest way to copy n paste (/pun)

On a more serious note, it’s never about how fast you can write a blog post, it’s about how have you researched your blog posts, the subject you are covering and how deep you want to write about a particular content.

First, ask yourself, what’s the motive behind writing your post. Once you find the answer to that, you will be in a better shape to write quality posts.

..But if you are looking write quality blog posts quickly then here are some criteria.

You need to know your subject very well.

You need to have your research pre-ready

Once you know about what you are going to write, create an outline of your entire Blog Post.


Headline 1

Headline 2

Sub Headline 1

Sub Headline 2

Headline 3


Once you have your Outline ready, you will notice that the amount of time you spend on writing would decrease dramatically.

Here are few more tips:

Go into distraction free browser mode

Switch off your phone

Close your door

Get couple of cups of coffee

Get Pen and Paper (It helps to write stuffs)

Close any other tabs etc. (If you have all the research and material ready, then turn off your internet)

If you follow everything above, then I can assure you that you will see at least 30–60% improvement in the time you spend per post, maybe more depending upon your skills, typing speed and lots more..

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