Do I need to put reference at the end of each and every sentence I write in my PhD thesis? What is the standard practice? Where do I need a reference and where I can skip? How old a reference can be at most?

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In my experience with writing a PhD thesis, you don't need to put a reference at the end of each and every sentence. The standard practice is to include references when you're using someone else's ideas, data, or specific information. If it's common knowledge or general background information, you can skip referencing.

References are essential for supporting your arguments, providing evidence, or acknowledging sources of data. It's also crucial to reference when you're paraphrasing or directly quoting from a source.

As for the age of references, it's generally recommended to use recent sources, especially in fast-evolving fields. However, some foundational or classic works might be older. The key is to ensure that your references are relevant and add value to your thesis.

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