What is a landing page? How can I create one?

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A Landing Page: is that page that is standing inbetween you and any product or servixe you are trying to take or redict your customer to inother word a Landing page is like a Bridge page where your customer First see or Land.

Landing page is very good especially you has a Buisness owner or Markter you need a Landing page inother to convert your potential customers, the reasons for building this landing pages are of difftrent Reasons sometimes

1. Lead Collections (Email Collections)

2. Build for purpose of Redirection

3. Make your Product you are selling look real and Geninue

Here is How you can build a Good and Free Landing page using Systeme

Systeme. Has A Land Page Builder.: Here systeme is use has A Landing Page Builder where you use it to build free landing pages are you an affliate marketer or a Buisness owner who usally send email boadcast to your customers or Audience you can use systeme to build amazing and Good Looking landing pages that convert and will make you alot of money also this Landing pages you buid with this software can help you to collect or help you get alot of subcribers to your email list which inturn grow your Buisness.

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