I'm 12 and my mother tongue is Telugu. I know some basic phases but want to learn to read and write in that language. How do I prepare for the basics?

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I'm 12 years old, and my mother tongue is Telugu. While I know some basic phrases, I'm eager to learn how to read and write in Telugu. To prepare for the basics, I've found a few helpful steps:

Learn the Telugu Alphabet: Start by learning the Telugu script, which has its own unique characters. You can find resources online or use books designed for beginners.

Practice Writing: Get a notebook and practice writing the Telugu alphabet. Repetition is key to mastering it.

Basic Vocabulary: Begin with simple words and phrases. You can find Telugu language apps or websites that offer vocabulary lessons.

Reading Material: Try reading children's books or online articles in Telugu. This will help you improve your reading skills.

Use Language Apps: There are many language learning apps that offer Telugu courses. They often include interactive lessons and quizzes.

Join Telugu Classes: If available, consider joining a Telugu language class. This can provide structured learning and the opportunity to practice with a teacher.

Immerse Yourself: Try to use Telugu in your daily life. Label objects in your room with their Telugu names, or speak with family members who are fluent in Telugu.

Remember, the key is patience and practice. Learning a new script and language takes time. Don't be discouraged by initial challenges, and keep at it. Best of luck in your Telugu language journey!

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