Would you write a “The End” letter to a narcissist?

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I guess you could and it'll probably be the right thing to do heaven knows they need a end letter they would even deserve one but but me and you know that that end letter is not going to matter to them they're going to keep coming back as long as you let them as long as you're there if you have to move to Alaska or to the North Pole in order to end that believe me I know I've been dealing with mine for 5 years and she's done everything she could and everything that you can possibly do to tear me down I know I didn't let it wouldn't work not if you stay in the same place I think even if you move to the North Pole or to Alaska this one the one I'm talking about she probably find me there that's just the way she is in that country except and you either love him or you don't just want to befriended her I'll befriended her all the way and I told the door was always open my friend of mine told me that I had messed up big time by be friending her like that he told me that was going to have to wait the rest of my life for that one day that she will want to change her life around and if I didn't watch it that would be the day that I close the door on her it's some kind of stuck really but the end letter that sounds good but it won't work

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