I am terribly in need of some money because of some family issues. I am good at writing. Can I get some writing or ghostwriting jobs?

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in an ideal world the answer would be yes. However if you need money fast then writing is not the way forward. It depends on what kind of things you are good at writing about. Is there a specific subject you can write about in a way that people will be interested in and willing to pay for.

There are a few writing jobs out there and they are can be lucrative If you’re writing skills are very good. Seek out companies that specialise in the field in which you’re you write. Send out samples of your work to the relevant companies.

if you are thinking of writing a book then money might be made from that in a little over a year or so and it’s not a fortune. It takes years to make a living from writing, I was writing for about 12 years before my first big breakthrough came and I could make a living from it.

Freelance is a good way of getting your foot in the door and there are a few magazines that will publish your work if you’re writing is what they are looking for. But some magazines and see what they are publishing. Send out stories or articles to them. And good luck.

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