What are some of the best 'I told you so' stories?

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They say a picture says more than a thousand words… this one below is awfully telling. The man in front in the middle of the three gentlemen, is Jim Jordan. Below him is former ousted Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

What are some of the best 'I told you so' stories?-第1张图片

The radical wing of McCarthy’s party, a wing to which Jordan belongs, ousted him in a stunning move only recently. A stunningly dumb move, I should say — McCarthy did a decent job with the limited options at his disposal, as he was being put continuously through the wringer by extremists in his own party. His was an unenviable position, and he went through a ton of effort to get it in the first place, jumping through hoops to appease the radical elements of his party…

…and now that he’s been ousted, it seems no one wants his job or is able to secure it. Jordan is the second Republican to try and get elected Speaker, and the second one to fail. McCarthy is laughing in the back, no doubt thinking: “I told you so!” How deliciously ironic it would be if they eventually have to beg him to return…

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