Why is it useful to work at improving my writing rather than relying on AI to write for me?

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Ai is a great tool to enhance your abilities.

its potential is directly related to your own.

if you ignore your own abilities and do not push to be better, the AI can only take it so far.

as you improve, AI will augment your abilities far surpassing anything.

think of it like math, in this day and age, practically everyone should know what something like 5+5 is. right? that's common. but if I were to ask you to find the square root of PI/4. its far more complex.

ok, so. say about 100 years ago. the 5 X 5 wasn't simple. it wasn't so common, that it should of been expected that everyone would know it. So what if, back then you wanted someone to work in a banking institution. well. you better push yourself to learn 5 X 5 then. then comes along calculators. well, then doing things like 5x 5 becomes pretty easy all of a sudden. so, if the requirement is to just know what 5x5 is, everyone could be a banker. things becomes more complex. then all a sudden, its (5x5) /2 % 10

ok, so the bar raised a bit. just having a calculator doesn't quite cut it, you need to understand the logic first to use the calculator properly to still achieve the goal.

so, you can just use AI to do your writing, but so can everyone else. just using AI, would be like being stuck at the 5x5 situation. you can use it to achieve the (5x5) /2 % 10 but that's pretty much the limit of your abilities with AI now. so what happens if you push yourself, to be able to do (5x5) /2 % 10 without the AI, but then bring AI in, to push the complexity even further.

if you want to be mediocre. then don't improve. that's what many people will do. and they will all be left behind.

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