Can you write something so deep that it would make me feel something?

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After many attempts to write this answer, finally I am here.

Let me tell you a story first,

Few days ago, I wrote about my first heartbreak and suffering that I had gone through. Many people asked me in comment and message, if I fell in love again.

Yes, I did. I fell in love again. Though I wasn’t sure, if after having massive heartbreak I could ever do that. Everything was happy and going smooth until one day her family rejected me. She was forced to cut all connections from me.

Another heartbreak. But this time it was different, I didn’t buzz at all. It was painful, but it didn’t affect me or my routine.

And here, I end my story.

What is so special about this story?

No, I am not here for whining and crying about my miserable life. I am here to tell you the key.

Why people call me emotionless?

Why it doesn’t affect me at all?

I must have a heart of stone.

Time. Yes, time is the key. I know, this too shall pass.

Let me explain in a different way.

10 years back, many of you must have had the final laugh when you topped in your school/university. At the same time, some of you failed in the same exam.

Now my question is, how many of you are still celebrating your success which happened 10 years back? How many of you are still in depression because of your failure?

It's a simple question, right?

I mean, today you should open a bottle of champagne because you topped in your school. Or, you should think of committing suicide because you couldn’t clear your exam which you prepared for.

You know, what will be your answer?

Why would I celebrate/mourn? Now, it doesn’t matter at all.

Yes!!! Exactly, it doesn’t matter at all. Many of you are suffering from many problems in your life. And you think that is the biggest problem you see which seems unavoidable.

In tough times, how you deal with your problems shows your character. Trust me, after sometime none of it matters at all.

So, after my second break up why does it not affect me? Because, when I think about my suffering of first breakup, I laugh at my stupidity.

Sigh! She was the girl whom I couldn’t live without. I was dying for her.

Today, does it matter?

Not a bit. I am not an emotionless guy, I just know how to deal with my emotions. Because, somewhere deep down I know “Time” will make a difference.

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering.

Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar. — Thich

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