Can you write 50 interesting facts about yourself?

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Alright, let’s do this!!

I am in the middle of my sisters, meaning my relatives don’t pay a ton of attention to me. Coo over my little sister speaking Bengali terribly, proudly asks for what my older sister did that week in college and a “Hi” to Samiha. That’s the procedure.

I am short. Like very short. 4′11″, probably?

I am also skinny and underweight. My weight, around 95 pounds, is a result of my high metabolism.

I live in NYC, and no, it isn’t as interesting as it sounds. I haven’t even gone to the Statue of Liberty yet, just passed by it on the way to Staten Island a few times.

I attend the Bronx High School of Science. That means I have to wake up at a$s o’clock on weekdays since I live in a different borough and get bombarded with homework like some other schools.

I did not grow up with Disney Channel since I had no cable. So I was a PBS Kids fan.

I am a freshman in high school, and I just turned 14.

My favorite nursery rhyme as a kid was “I’m a Little Teapot”.

I am a Muslim.

My parents are Bengali, but I was born in America and raised here. So when I speak Bengali, I have an American accent but it has improved over the years.

I faked a crush on a popular guy in my class as an attempt to get myself popular back in 7th grade, but it backfired on me. No one talks about it anymore, though.

I have slight trust issues when I befriend others. And no, it’s not because of those K-pop duality memes.

I enjoyed girly shows with a hint of fantasy or total fantasy as a kid. I still do sometimes or watch it for nostalgia.

I like anime way too much, got into the fandom around 2015–2016. A lot of anime crushes have developed since then.

My sister got Netflix recently, back at the beginning of summer. Watched Friends, planning to start The Office soon.

I look innocent and carefree, people get the vibe that I do not care about the world and I am stuck in my own fantasy. That’s false.

I have gotten disrespected numerous times in stores because of how I look.

I had two big crushes on guys in my class throughout my years in school. Both of them were named “Mohammed”.

I was very social back as a toddler, totally changed now.

My little sister nicknamed me “Luna Girl” because of a television show she watches and I’m apparently “evil”.

One time, I was so sleepy in the morning, so I sat against the lockers in my school and dozed off. I ended up missing half of the first period.

My friends jokingly call me “Google Maps” because I know my way around places and able to understand the “difficult” directions that the app gives us.

My go-to drink is bubble tea. Favorite flavor is Taro Milk tea, Lychee Green Tea, or Peach Green Tea. The best place to get it is Kung-Fu Tea.

I don’t have social media, just this and a Google account.

I got my hijab pulled off in my tutoring center in 8th grade, it feels bad to remember because the same person has done some minor, yet hurtful things.

The songs I end up humming under my breath the most are by Twice, a Korean girl group.

I almost got sucked into the waves at the beach around two years ago, but I was washed up on the shore instead because the waves were that big.

I cry at a lot of stuff. A lot of joy? A few tears. Sadness? Bawling. Angry? Speak with a shaky and angry voice and tears streaming down my face. Stressed? Silently cry.

I wear jewelry a lot, mostly charm bracelets and earrings at parties.

I nearly got hit by a school bus at middle school because I didn’t look both ways before crossing the road. Ever since then, safety has been a huge thing, I even enforce it on my friends.

I tend to stare at people randomly and scare them with my eyes boring into them without even realizing what I am doing.

I do give money to those people who give speeches on the subway. If it’s a scam and I don’t realize it, whatever. I do it for a good cause and that’s all that matters.

I snuck off to Times Square without telling my parents… I still haven’t told my dad.

I was very cringy in 6th grade with my weeaboo phase. I would act like a tsundere and say “Urusai” to people (learned this from Shana in Shakugan no Shana), along with elbowing them. I randomly said, “Arigatou~” to my classmates when they handed out papers and said “Kawaii” to almost everything. *shudders just thinking about it* I have certainly matured more since then.

I wrote a story with my friends in 6th grade with us as starring as superheroes against some clowns that invaded our school. I don’t know where it went, I think my friend burned it? Eh, whatever….

I am subscribed to 50–60 webtoons on the Line Webtoon app, both Discover and mainly Originals. I read them all.

I have been swimming since 4–5 years old to 11 years old. I haven’t gone swimming in around 2 years, but I do remember every single lesson they taught us because it was so hard!

I doodle a lot in my binders during class. 50 percent of them are BT21-related.

Bollywood dancing parties occur at my house during Eid night with relatives.

My dad thinks I was gonna be a senator. Sorry dad, my heart goes out to science.

I have bunny teeth, so I smile with no teeth very often. I also take off my glasses in pictures very often.

My favorite animals are red pandas, which is what got me interested in the anime Aggretsuko (My friends say I am literally a human with Retsuko’s personality). Please help protect the red pandas, they are endangered!

I was a huge Hello Kitty kid, loved watching the fairy tales recreated by the cast. Called Hello Kitty’s Animation Theater, I think?

Speaking of that, I was watching an episode as 4-year old and I noticed it was in a foreign language. So I asked my cousin who was somewhat fluent in Spanish, “Hey, can you translate this Spanish for me?” Then, I found out it was Japanese.

My hand gets cold after writing for a long time.

I have a habit of color coding everything I have, from my planner to my notes.

I get dreams that are so sad to the point I wake up with tears streaming down my face.

I don’t bullsh*t my HW just to get it over with, I put genuine effort most of the time.

I threw out my elementary school yearbook because it was filled with bad memories, and also because I took a picture in there that made me look like the Grinch with my damn stupid smirk.

I enjoyed writing this answer.

Thanks for reading!! <3

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