Who has changed your life on Quora?

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That would be Jordan Yates.

In her, I saw this incredibly gifted writer struggling financially, and I thought, “No way.”

So I messaged her about two years ago.

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I’m pretty sure she believed I was some kind of weird stalker initially, but she took a chance and responded, and soon, I got her work through one of my clients.

I became a mentor to her. Not just helping her adapt her writing to a business context, but also offering emotional and mental support.

After all, I, too, had dealt with depression and suicidal ideation and attempts.

With time, I started to really care for her. Like, I wanted—and still do—to see her succeed and find meaning, happiness, and peace in her life.

Interestingly, something in that desire for another person’s well-being has brought me some of the same qualities I wish for her.

I also just appreciate her a lot. The courage to talk openly about her mental health in a way that normalizes the conversation around it and offers others a sense that they’re not struggling alone is both inspiring and transformative.

It’s a weird experience, having your life intersect with someone else’s through the Internet, and then seeing the impact you can have on them.

Having said that, I don’t think I can take credit for the fact that she now has her own freelance writing practice, because I’m sure she was bound to get there anyway given her tremendous literary aptitude.

But I’m happy I’ve had a part in it.

Don’t tell her, but I’m actually jealous that she’s just entered her twenties and already writes so well.

And even though she sometimes loses faith in herself—don’t we all?—I truly and sincerely believe that she is destined for great things, and I’m privileged to get to witness that journey.

Jordan, thank you for being you.

It’s the best gift you could give us.

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