What are the differences between journalistic style and journalistic convention?

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Journalistic style and journalistic convention are two important elements in the field of journalism. While they are often used interchangeably, there are some key differences between the two.

Journalistic style refers to the specific writing techniques and tone used by journalists to convey information to their audience. This includes things like sentence structure, word choice, and the overall tone of the writing. Journalistic style is often influenced by the type of publication or audience, and can vary greatly between different news outlets.

On the other hand, journalistic convention refers to the established norms and practices within the journalism industry. This includes things like fact-checking, source verification, and ethical standards. Journalistic conventions are important for maintaining credibility and trust with the audience, and are often upheld by professional organizations such as the Society of Professional Journalists.

In short, journalistic style is about how journalists write, while journalistic convention is about how journalists do their job. Understanding the differences between these two elements is crucial for aspiring journalists and anyone interested in the field of journalism.

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