What one thing about yourself surprised you when you found out?

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I was the Villian!

Whenever I lost my temper (especially in my family or closed ones) for things that did not feel right to me, I thought it was my birthright to express my resentment.

But it made things worse.

The conflicting opinions always had a stand-off.

No matter how badly it destroyed my peace what troubled me more was why weren’t they getting my point of view which I assumed was right.

I failed to understand why they weren’t understanding me.

I wanted to change the dynamics, but I did not know how.

With a conscious desire to improve and bring a remarkable transformation in myself, I looked out for divine energy that could uplevel and elevate my soul energy.

And when I found one, it was a miracle.

The divine power that I was introduced to, in a matter of days brought a huge difference in me.

I was a different person suddenly and it felt magical.

What surprised me or rather shocked me after this divine transformation was that everyone around me changed.

When I stopped reacting, things stopped happening.

It felt as if I was the villain.

I was the culprit.

I was the one who needed to change.

I realized the arguments were not because they were wrong but because I wanted to prove them wrong.

And now when Iam making peace with the fact that I don't need to win against them, I see myself winning.

What one thing about yourself surprised you when you found out?-第1张图片

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