What motivates you to write?

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Writing here doesn't needs motivation instead i write cause I like writing it can be anything either i share my thoughts or my day-to-day life , or it can be either my experience or opinions..

But still sometimes these heartwarming comments or sometimes these wonderful dms and cute messages motivates me to write even more !!

I'm glad to have such audience and when someone says they found my answer relatable it touches my heart directly ,

I have received so many of these messages and each times I didn't had any reply to it except thankyou for your appreciation, but I just can't describe this feeling but I love uhh all guys !!…

At last I love expressing and sharing my thoughts and I will keep writing, I'm not forever but I will try my best till I'm here !!..

What motivates you to write?-第1张图片

~Hare Krishna ❣️✨

Insta :- @wtf.myankk

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