What did you write today?

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She sat in her bed, lost in frenzy of thoughts, mind swirling in whirlwind, heart caught in a fraught. And spoke to her own self, with a heavy sigh, "Oh, mind, why do you weigh up so high?"

"Why do you ponder every itsy-bitsy thing?" She asked, with a tinge of woe’s sting. "Why do your hunches leap in circles round?" The girl questioned, with a hacked up sound.

"I know not why," her mind replied, "I simply cannot refrain but reside. In this never-ending cycle of broods, Where every mere child's play intrudes.”

"Oh mind, why do you have to overthink?" She continued, in a gentle yet erratic tint. "Why must each moment be a link In a chain of endless rubbernecking?"

"I know not why," her mind replied, "I simply cannot refrain but reside. I weigh the pros and cons, the ifs and the whys, I question every choice, with my curious eyes."

"But why must you grow mountains out of molehills?" She asked, chagrined, her words at a boil. "Why must each step be an antsy thrill? Why can't you just let things be stock-still?"

"I know not why," her mind said once more, "I simply cannot help but explore. The abyss of maneuvers, the depths of ensue, To unveil all stashed suns, lurking in the dew.”

"But why must you make me feel so low?" She asked, her tears on the brink to flow. "Why must you burden me, with heaviest weights? Why can't you live the moment, without a debate?"

"I know not why," her mind replied, "I simply cannot help but be my guide. I am the one that pushes and prods, That considers and dwells, so as to never let you shroud.

I brood, and wander, and ponder, and roam, And listen to every unsung tone. For I know that within, a poise shall be agreed, Between thoughts and feelings, and a path to seek.”

She heard it all and now she didn't wish it to be, Just for a moment or two, quiet and carefree. And so the girl and her mind did talk, Until sleep took over and she dozed off.

~Fairy of Bliss 🧚‍♀️

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