What is the letter you've always wanted to write to someone?

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*always wanted to write this*

Dear Moon,

I texted you one day out of deep frustration, to just a stranger thinking maybe you can help me. Help me, to get out of the phase I was going through.

Phase of self hatred, dissatisfaction, strangeness and hollowness with in me. The cheerful self that left my aura, the moments of breaking out in tears at any moment of the day, the inability to calm down or sleep.

Most important of all, losing the only dream that was keeping me alive for last 18 years.

I texted you.

Just after the text, I was regretting it but you know, the desperation of getting better made me reach out to many people and you were one of them. I couldn’t delete it so I just waited.

We talked. calm, helpful and kind. Thanks for being that way, you tried but I didn’t. To help me.

Months went by, and you knocked on the door again. Astonished. disbelief. That’s what only I had at the moment, you just stepped into my life when everything was falling apart, even worse than before.

I sought shelter in your presence, broke down multiple times and you held me.

Thank you. I have many people in my life, who helped me to whom I owe my life. You are one of them.

Can I confide something? a little bit more special.

I adore your presence, though how many times I call you this or that.

I sarcastically make fun of you, or tease you but I respect you. It’s really weird though, I hardly know you but I am real around you. The way I am with really few people. I just confide everything going on in my life quite easily, I don’t know how but I just do.

I like you, a lot. Feelings? I am not sure, I don’t think so. Nor I want it that way.

I pray everyday, that you achieve everything you have ever wished for. everything and everyone.

I am not sure, we’ll be in contact in future but whenever you’ll need me I’ll be there to listen to you.

I promise! (I don’t make promises usually but I want to make one for you)


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