Can you write something that makes me feel nostalgic?

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Yes ,you the person reading this.I know you didn't ask the question but I guess I can make you feel nostalgic.

Okay let me try!Let's go back to a half decade.Not it's in in 90s dude …it's in 2019.Yeah ,I know time flies so fast.

I think only Indians can relate the most.

Can you write something that makes me feel nostalgic?-第1张图片

1.You remember the day when “ Janta Curfew” was just a matter of laugh for us on day 1 but it turned out to be a year then?

2.You remember when there was no one literally no one on the roads anywhere in the country in any state , any Village and we were all locked in our own houses?And we couldn't even go back to our homes because travel was closed.

3.You remember when that time gave us the best times with our family.First it started with playing family games…it all started with happiness.Our elders became child too?

4.You remember when we watched the whole serial of “Ramayan” on Doordarshan with our grandparents and cried at the last episode?

5.You remember when everyone in their houses came in balcony and bang the “ utensils “ to pay tribute to police and doctors?

6.You remember that time when after a point you felt so unstable mentally ?because that time brought good change in someones life and bad changes in someone life

7.You remember when wearing mask seemed intresting because no one could see your ugly face…?LoL

8.You remember the time when sanitizers were more important than anything else in the country?

9.You remember the time when our schools were on that device which always distracted is from school.Those funny moments in zoom calls when teacher tried their best to teach but missed it somewhere because their student are smarter than them in using technology?

10. You remember the time when the word “ positive” became horrifying and “ negative” became reliving?

Yeah…That's COVID

I know it was tough for all of us.Many people lost their beloved ones.Many realised the bond between them and their beloved ones.We understood the importance of family ,people,friends,our personal time.We cried ,we laughed ,we enjoyed,we got scared too…everyone were officially on holiday. However,hard it was we everyone fought ,stayed, understood.May this time never come again because we had huge losses in this but it did teach us a lot about little happy moments of life and much more.

So, was I successful in making you nostalgic??Do tell me in the comment section.

_ Ishy ❣️

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