I'm currently writing a novel 'Odyssey In The Shadow Realm' on Webnovel. How do I make it get popular?

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The way to make any novel “get popular” is to write what people want to read, then market to those people. There isn’t a better answer than that. If anyone ever figured out a step by step process for making a novel popular, then every author would use it and every book would be a bestseller.

By the way, Webnovel is a predator. I hope you didn’t sign a contract with them. Their contract says that not only do they own the copyright to whatever you publish on Webnovel, they also own the copyright to anything you may ever write in the future. If your story gets popular, they also have the right to get rid of you and hire someone else to continue your story instead.

And you have no right to audit their books. They can pay you based on whatever they say your popularity is and whatever they say their expenses are. In the contract, you waive your right to look at their financials.

Such contracts aren’t even legal in many countries, but since Webnovel is located in China, the laws of China apply. Which means if you ever want to sue to get out of your contract, you’ll have to do it in China.

Please, please tell me you didn’t sign a contract.

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