Can you share some tips for starting a new novel and overcoming writer's block on a current project?

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Hi there!

Well, I have to clarify first that I am no pro writer myself, but I do enjoy writing stories, especially for my ESL students, and I take the making of those stories very seriously, which has led, in different occasions, to face writer’s block.

After saying the previous, in my opinion, the best tip for starting a new novel is to start doing it right away. Do not hesitate, just do it. Try writing two or three pages and then read them to see if what you are doing copes with what you desire as your final product. The most difficult step before starting a new project is actually starting it because we have many things, especially fears, in our minds. So, just do it and then you see things will flow.

Regarding writer’s block, I would like to say that I have a different approach to it. Writer’s block is seen as that ugly feeling of being stuck in the making of your production. Nonetheless, I think writer’s block is an opportunity thrown right from your subconscious mind when you have been doing the same for a lot of time, which causes you to forget about the other aspects of your life.

Try stopping your writing and try to pay attention to other aspects of your life such as your family, and friends, going to the movies, dancing, etc. This will bring fresh water to your mind and your brain will find relief and ideas will come up more easily.

Change your writing environment: Sometimes we spend so much time writing in the same place, that our brain start to feel bored from seeing the same things every day. Go and write at a café, library, or park, just give your brain different stimuli. This will generate new connections, which translate into more creativity. Also, try changing the time when you write. If you are a night writer, try writing in the afternoons, mornings, and so on.

Always keep a pocket notebook for sudden ideas: There are moments when we are not writing, but we are thinking about our story. Pocket notebooks are a must for writers since they allow us to register fresh ideas as they come and then, when we come back to writing sessions, we can add them to the flow.

There are way more tips and tricks, but these are the ones I find the most applicable.

Hope it helps! :)

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