How do you write an apology letter to your parents for hurting them when they didn't trust and believed what others told them?

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Into this world mom,day by day for 9 months you carried me in your tummy. .

Naturally you and dad would of had high expectations ,and dreams and desires that your new child was going to achieve becoming a well balanced member of our society.

I'm so sorry, I've disappointed 😥 you both .

If its any consolation “ I'm emotionally hurt,thinking how I've behaved . you both and that will never ,ever change regardless!!!

So yesterday's my heavy weight on my shoulders and I'm going to put it down and try and achieve improving my future behaviour, with your support I know it's possible 🙆

Words don't come easy, but these are written to my parents and I'm sorry for all the upset you have felt because of me.

If I could wind the clock back !

Love you both unconditionally!

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