Can you write something that will fundamentally change how I see the world?

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A few months ago, I found myself under the weather. No major health issues, just frequent sickness. I underwent various tests, but nothing severe appeared in the reports.

Still, I felt tired, fatigued all the time. At times, I was exasperated with my condition as I couldn't work on things I wanted to achieve in my life. Negative thoughts crept in, making me believe that I was destined to be sick.

“I eat healthy food, drink enough water, and go for a walk. What else to do to stay fit?” I asked my mother with a lot of irritation.

I was quite disappointed, thinking of all this. But suddenly, a thought came to my mind that changed my perspective.

Many people battle diseases, swallowing 15–20 tablets daily for survival, and they are supposed to take those tablets for a lifetime. The moment they stop taking those pills, their life would be at risk.

How pathetic! How painful!

I was in a much better situation than those people. Right?

So whenever you feel depressed about anything, compare yourself with less fortunate ones.

You couldn't get the promotion. That's okay. Many unemployed people just wish to get a job.

You are suffering from a disease; some are suffering from deadly diseases with no cure.

You are going through a painful breakup, some children lost their parents in an accident and are living in darkness. You can still restart, but they are clueless.

Look at the world a little more closely, you will realise how blessed you are.

Thank you for reading.

Stay Calm!


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