What are some good tips and strategies for writing an academic paper?

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Non-fiction class papers can be categorized as research papers or topic papers. Research papers require independent research, while topic papers use course resources. This guide is applicable to both types.

No matter what type of paper you are writing, it is essential to utilize the course readings. The readings are meant to help you comprehend the course material, both in and out of the class. If they weren't important, why would we assign them? The aim of any paper is to evaluate how well you can apply what you have learned in the course, which necessitates using the concepts and readings from it. After completing your paper, make certain that you have cited the course readings in your bibliography. If you haven't, it's possible that what you've written isn't very relevant to the course. And always remember to cite course readings correctly, just like anything else.

Thesis Statement

Whether your academic paper involves outside research or not, you need to have a thesis statement. Once you have an idea of what you want to say, and have some grasp of what others have said, you need to make your ideas more concrete by coming up with a thesis sentence(s). A thesis indicates the main argument for your paper. The point of any academic paper is to persuade your reader that you have something to say that he or she should care about. A good thesis should be debatable, specific, and concise. The following is not a good thesis: Click Here To Learn More.

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