My book that I am writing is just at 30,000 words and I’m at a total loss to write anything else. Is this enough to submit my manuscript or am I out of luck?

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To submit to a traditional publisher? Yes, 30,000 is way too short. That’s not a novel, it’s a novella. The market for novellas is brutal: almost nobody will accept them and the buying public tends not to buy them.

Most of the major publishers, if you look on their querying instruction pages, tell you flat-out they categorically won’t accept fiction under 80,000 words. If your manuscript is less than 80,000 words, it will be rejected unread.

The average length of a novel on Amazon fluctuates between about 94,000 and about 96,000 words, which tells you that’s probably the sweet spot in fiction (except sci-fi or fantasy, where the sweet spot is around 120,000 words).

What you have is a novella. If this is your first attempt at writing fiction, I can pretty much guarantee it’s extremely terse, doesn’t really bring the reader into the scene, and the story itself is likely quite minimalist.

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